I have been a web designer since my early teens. My interest in web design started when my family got their first computer, and later designed and built my first website at the age of 16 for a college prep course. From there, I built my first design portfolio site to showcase website projects for my senior show at Judson University in Elgin, IL. I graduated in 2004 from Judson University with a BA in Visual Communications.

After college, I spent more than 15 years developing my skills in coding and graphic design and have since held several positions as a Lead Designer and UI/UX Developer. I currently work on freelance projects under the name Oxygen Commerce, and hold the position of Senior UX Designer/Developer for Sellers Commerce LLC in Evanston, IL. I also have 8+ years experience coding and designing responsive sites for the Real Estate, Tactical, Hospitality, Medical and Industrial apparel industries.

My goal is to continue to develop user friendly, attractive websites for large and small companies both locally and internationally. To view a complete list of my portfolio, click here. If you are interested in having a website built, or want to learn what it takes build a successful website, give me a call at 630.362.2122.